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episode 11

It Takes A Village with Rachael Box, Founder of Local Village Network

24/03/202127 min 09 Seconds

When it comes to developing digital products, it takes a village. And when it comes to building product for companies that strive to do good in the world, it makes the journey that much sweeter. This week at Launch Base HQ, we are joined by Rachael Box, Founder of Local Village Network (LVN). LVN are a charity dedicated to tackling network poverty and social inequality. Our sponsor Borne Agency partnered with LVN in delivering a native mobile application, connecting young people to volunteers and a world of opportunities.

We touch base on the influence of tech in bridging network poverty and what that entails and the future of “tech for good.” Our host discusses the importance of keeping your user in mind when it comes to designing products for charities and defining your product roadmap through user-testing sessions as your product evolves.


Website: https://www.lvn.org.uk/

Download the App: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/lvn/id1209440307